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Crystal Ninja KATANA Tool for Rhinestones

Crystal Ninja  KATANA Tool for Rhinestones
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The Crystal Katana is designed to improve productivity, speed and precision when working with flat back rhinestones. It consists of three parts: a wax tip for picking up stones, a bamboo shaft for easy grip and improved handling, and a chrome end piece that encases crystals for precision placement. Designed by Kellie DeFries, the "Crystal Ninja."

The wax tip is fashioned from premium jewelers' wax and requires just a gentle touch to pick up rhinestones. This type of wax leaves less residue on stones. If the tip loses its fine point, you can reshape it with your fingers. If you get glue on the wax tip, wipe it gently with a tissue. Not recommended for with mica powders or glitter.

Watch this YouTube Video for tips on using the Katana!

Use with the Magical Tray and your project will go even faster!
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Price: 24.95