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2585 10mm ROSE PEACH Graphic Hot Fix Rhinestones


2585 10mm ROSE PEACH Graphic Hot Fix Rhinestones

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Swarovski Crystal 2585 GRAPHIC Shape HOT FIX Rhinestones in ROSE PEACH - a light peach rhinestone, imagine Rose and Padparadscha mixed together! Hot Fix rhinestones have a heat sensitive glue and should be applied with a hot fix tool or heat press.

The Graphic Flatback has an oval shape and provides a highly defined assortment of angular cuts on the stone‚Äôs top. 

These can be glued on with a strong glue such as E6000  


  • 1 Rhinestone                $  .79 each

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Hotfix elements have a coating of hot-melt glue on the reverse side of Flat Back stones. This is activated by heat at temperatures between 120C-170C (248F-338F) and bonds with the carrier material. The glue hardens as it cools and the elements are securely and permanently fixed (generally after 24h). This unique Swarovski Hotfix glue is easy to clean and is machine-washable.

Flat back rhinestones are the best choice for figure skating dresses, costumes, leotards, cell phones, flip flops, clothing, western wear, greeting cards, scrapbooking, the possibilities are endless!

Please note, not all computer monitors have the same color settings.

Measures 10mm / 0.39 in.

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