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RIVOLI 14mm CRYSTAL Preciosa MAXIMA Rhinestones

RIVOLI 14mm CRYSTAL Preciosa MAXIMA Rhinestones

Preciosa 14mm RIVOLI Flat Back Rhinestones in CRYSTAL, a clear diamond like color! Measuring approximately 14mm, just over 1/2". Awesome for ice skating dresses, dance costumes, earrings, jewelry, ballroom, add that finishing touch to any costume! Add for a bold accent!


  • 1 Rhinestone                   $  0.89 each
  • 6 Rhinestones                  $ 4.99 per pack
  • 1 Dozen = 12 Rhinestones  $ 8.19 per pack
  • 3 Dozen = 36 Rhinestones  $ 21.99 per pack
  • 1/2 Gross = 72 Rhinestones $ 41.99 per pack
  • 1 Gross = 144 Rhinestones $ 76.99 per pack

Please see our FAQ section for tips and application information. Flat back rhinestones are very easy to glue on.

Great for ice skating costumes, cell phones,flip flops, ballroom and dance costumes,cheerleading outfits, add that finishing touch to any costumes!

Preciosa is a world leading producer of cut crystal, specializing mainly in the production of machine cut chatons, beads and other fashion jewelry stones of top quality and in a broad variety of shapes, colors and sizes. The company’s headquarters are in Jablonec nad Nisou (Northern Bohemia), in a region with hundreds of years of glass making tradition.

Please note, not all computer monitors have the same color setting

VERY IMPORTANT: Please remember to order enough stones for your project as dye lots can very. Preciosa stone colors are very consistent but slight variations can occur with different production lots.

Measures 14mm = 0.55 in.

Price: $0.89
1 Rhinestone
6 Rhinestones
1 Dozen = 12 Rhinestones
1/4 Gross = 36 Rhinestones
1/2 Gross = 72 Rhinestones
1 Gross = 144 Rhinestones