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12ss BURGUNDY DeLite LACQUER 2088 Rhinestones

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12ss BURGUNDY DeLite LACQUER 2088 Rhinestones

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Swarovski 2088 XIRIUS Rhinestones in BURGUNDY DeLite - a stunning burgundy rhinestone with a splash of blue and purple. Inspired by Mother Earth’s natural beauty, the new DeLite family of Crystal LacquerPro effects takes its inspiration from nature, celebrating the beauty and intensity of naturally occuring shades in the landscape. With highlighted facets that show the depth and clarity of the crystal, Burgundy Crystal Shiny Lacquer DeLite color brings increased sparkle and light return, while harmonizing with existing Shiny LacquerPRO or Shimmer crystal colors for matte-sparkling fusions.



  • 1/2 gross = 72 Rhinestones $ 4.59 per package
  • 1 gross = 144 Rhinestones $  7.99 per package
  • 5 gross = 720 Rhinestones  $ 36.79 per package

    The 2088 is designed for increased brilliance under performance or stage lighting.

    The beautifully intricate star cut, rich color, and enhanced foiling come together to produce unrivaled brilliance and an exceptionally durable new generation of crystal.

    Flat back rhinestones are the best choice for figure skating dresses, costumes, leotards, cell phones, flip flops, clothing, western wear, greeting cards, scrapbooking, the possibilities are endless!

    VERY IMPORTANT: Please remember to order enough stones for your project as dye lots can very. 2088 Rhinestones stone colors are very consistent but slight variations can occur with different production lots.

    Please note, not all computer monitors have the same settings.
    SIZE: 12ss=3.00-3.20mm/0.12 in.

    We can no longer ship Swarovski items in factory packages. All stones will be shipped in baggies with labels.  

    Price: $4.59