Swarovski Introduces the new XIRIUS Flatback Rhinestone

Meet Xirius Rose, the latest flat back cut from Swarovski!

This revolutionary crystal is named after Sirius, the brightest star in the Milky Way galaxy, and for good reason—it features the most intricate, gemstone-like cut in the Swarovski lineup.

The Xirius cut takes the world one step closer to the vision of founder Daniel Swrovski: to create a diamond for every woman. Like all modern Swarovski crystals, the 2088 Xirius flat back is made with the lead-free, superior Advanced Crystal formula, and is manufactured according to the company’s strict socially and environmentally responsible standards.

History of Swarovski Flat Back Rhinestones:

The Xirius Rose is the result of Swarovski’s ongoing product development efforts. The photos below show the progression of the flat back rhinestone development.





NEW! 2088/2078

The 2000, the original 8-faceted stone.
The 2012, introduced in 2000, featured 12 facets.
The 2028, the Xilion Rose, introduced in 2004 and features 14 facets.
In 2011, the Xilion Rose Enhanced offered improved faceting and increased brilliance.
The Swarovski Xirius sets another new standard in 2014!