Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones in 2058 have been discontinued!

Swarovski recently stopped production of the wildly popular 2058 Flat Back rhinestone and all sizes above 12ss and all colors are now discontinued. This is in favor of the new Xirius cut they released. Unfortunately, this new cut also comes with a price increase!

We are getting very limited in some sizes and colors in the 2058 – we are suggesting you order ahead and order extra for any future projects or simply to have on hand for replacement stones!


History of Swarovski Flat Back Rhinestones:

The Xirius Rose is the result of Swarovski’s ongoing product development efforts. The photos below show the progression of the flat back rhinestone development.





NEW! 2088/2078

The 2000, the original 8-faceted stone.
The 2012, introduced in 2000, featured 12 facets.
The 2028, the Xilion Rose, introduced in 2004 and features 14 facets.
In 2011, the Xilion Rose Enhanced offered improved faceting and increased brilliance.
The Swarovski Xirius sets another new standard in 2014!